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Navn: Kamal Pasricha

Studio: HiYoga

Sted: Oslo / 


Why did you start with yoga?
I was born and brought up in India. However, even though I knew the existence of this ancient science, it never really caught my eye until I met a friend few years back who lost 40 Kgs weight in 2 years. While the physical change inspired me at the first sight, I realized the change was much deeper. He was happier, relaxed, content and joyful.
I practiced myself on & off until I got married, and then eventually relied on Yoga to improve upon my husband’s knee and back problems. That’s when I decided to take on yoga as a full time profession and try to deeply understand the yogic science so that I can share the benefits with others. I left my 6-year-old profession to join a full time 1-year rigorous training in Yoga.


How has your yoga practice changed your life?
Yoga plays a very important role in my life. While the practice keeps me physically, emotionally and spiritually fit, teaching makes me feel joyful and relaxed.


Tell us about your yoga lifestyle
My day starts with few minutes of silence and deep breathing which is continued with a yoga practice either at my workplace before my class or at home depending on time at hand. I like a lot of variation in my practice so I include hatha, vinyasa, and yin depending on how I feel that day. After giving time to my family and other obligations, I try to find time to read yoga articles and books that has tremendous amount of knowledge that I can put to use in my yoga classes.
I include healthy cooking and eating habits as well as in my lifestyle.


What makes you a good yoga teacher?
The feedback from people who have attended my classes and coworkers is that I incorporate breathing and hold postures while focusing on stretches, which helped them in their yoga practice, and they could feel the positive changes in their bodies and minds. I try to give variations and modifications so everyone can practice as per their ability. The positive change in them inspires me.


What is your most memorable yoga moment?
My most memorable yoga moment was during a retreat in a water yoga class where I helped a woman overcome her fear of water and practice floating shavasana in water with complete relaxation. This is what I truly love about yoga. It has a lot of tools such as breathing practices which can calm your mind to do things beyond your imagination and to fight fears.


How do you get your yoga practice to fit into everyday life?
I practice before or after my classes at my workplace most of the days, which to me works the best. On days I don’t have a class, I prefer reading and practicing at home.


What do you do when you do not practice yoga?
When I am not practicing Yoga, I read, listen to music, watch videos and cook. On holidays, I try to go out and explore the places around.


Do you have any words of wisdom to share with us?
With passion, patience, persistence & practice you can achieve anything in life.


What would you say to motivate others to start with yoga?
Stay fit stay happy, say HI YOGA 🙂


Something else you will share with us?
Yoga is a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life and a way to know yourself better. Incorporate it in your life and live a healthy and peaceful life. Try it yourself 🙂


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